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  • GEMET (General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus)

    GEMET is a compilation of the following resources. “Umwelt Thesaurus” that has more than 2.000 descriptors out of 8.500 in German and English. “Thesaurus Italiano per...
  • Cadastral Vocabulary (CaLaThe)

    Monolingual thesaurus for the domain of cadastre and land administration that provides a controlled vocabulary. It contains 142 terms related to previous vocabularies, such as...
  • European Data Portal

    The European Data Portal harvests the metadata of Public Sector Information available on public data portals across European countries. Not only linguistic information is...
  • TERMCAT Collective Negotiation Glossary ES

    Monolingual termlist from the Collective Negotiation (Labour Law) domain in RDF linked with DBpedia and EuroVoc. (Spanish)
  • STW Thesaurus for Economics

    The thesaurus provides vocabulary on any economic subject: almost 6,000 standardized subject headings and about 20,000 additional entry terms to support individual keywords....
  • Umwelt-Thesaurus

    German Thesaurus containing terms on environmental protection. It includes 13500 descriptors and 40000 linked German-language synonyms with 35000 English translations and around...
  • EuroVoc-Umthes Semantic Alignment

    Semantic Alignment of the Umthes (German Environmental Thesaurus) with EuroVoc Thesaurus.
  • EuroVoc-LCSH Semantic Alignment

    Semantic Alignment of the Library of Congress Subject Headings with EuroVoc Thesaurus.
  • EuroVoc-GEMET Semantic Alignment

    Semantic Alignment of GEMET Thesaurus with EuroVoc Thesaurus.
  • EuroVoc-AgroVoc Semantic Alignment

    Semantic Alignment of AgroVoc Thesaurus with EuroVoc Thesaurus.
  • EuroVoc-STW Semantic Alignment

    Semantic Alignment of STW Thesaurus for economics with EuroVoc Thesaurus.
  • EuroVoc-UNBIS Semantic Alignment

    Semantic Alignment of UNBIS Thesaurus with EuroVoc Thesaurus.
  • EuroVoc-UNESCO Semantic Alignment

    Semantic Alignment of the UNESCO Thesaurus with EuroVoc Thesaurus.
  • EuroVoc-Inspire Alignment

    Semantic Alignment of Inspire glossary with EuroVoc Thesaurus.
  • EuroVoc-EIGE Semantic Alignment

    Semantic Alignment of Gender Equality glossary with EuroVoc Thesaurus.
  • Finnish legislation

    Finnish legislation as linked data. This dataset convers the following legal subdomains: legislation, case law (supreme court), case law (supreme administrative) and court....
  • EUCases

    This is the result of the EUCases Research Project which developed a European case law Linking Platform, transforming multilingual legal open data into linked open data. The...

    Greek legislation modelled as per Metalex OWL ontology. It can be accessed through a SPARQL endpoint or downloaded as RDF file. The content of this resource can also be...
  • CDISC Glossary

    CDISC develops data standards to streamline clinical research and enable connections to healthcare. This glossary contains definitions of terms and abbreviations. It is...
  • INSPIRE Glossary (EU)

    Glossary developed by the INSPIRE Knowledge Base of the European Union. The INSPIRE Glossary contains 195 general terms and definitions that specify the common terminology used...
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