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  • Lynx Multilingual Terminology v1

    This is a first draft of the automatically generated multilingual legal terminology to be used in the Legal Knowledge Graph, represented with the SKOS vocabulary. Source terms...
  • Lynx Labour Law Termlist

    100 clean terms extracted with Tilde Terminology Extraction Tool from Lynx Labour Law Corpora. Each term has several usage example showing some contexts.
  • e-Compliance multilingual thesaurus

    Final version of the e-Compliance thesaurus in SKOS format. It contains concepts, preferred and alternative labels in English, French and Spanish as well as some definitions....
  • Court Thesaurus

    A monolingual thesaurus in German containing names of German and international courts.
  • BabelNet

    BabelNet is regarded as a multilingual encyclopaedic dictionary but also as a semantic network and a knowledge base that combines general data with lexical information that...
  • Quality Glossary (Терминологичен речник на качеството)

    Bilingual glossary about quality in English and Bulgarian with definitions.
  • BPR - Bibliography of the Italian Parliament

    The BPR - Bibliografia del Parlamento italiano e degli studi elettorali (Bibliography of the Italian Parliament and Electoral Studies) is a database of bibliographic references...
  • NACE, Rev. 2

    Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community, Rev. 2
  • Jurivoc

    JURIVOC, is the juridical thesaurus of the Federal Supreme Court and the former Federal Insurance of Switzerland. It contains information in German, French and Italian. Terms...
  • Library of Congress

    The Library of Congress Linked Data Service enables both humans and machines to programmatically access authority data of the Library of Congress.
  • German labour law thesaurus

    Labour law thesaurus covers all main areas of labor law, including the roles of employee and employer; legal aspects around labour contracts and dismissal; also co-determination...
  • EuroVoc Thesaurus

    EuroVoc is a multilingual, multidisciplinary thesaurus that covers the activities of the EU. It is available in 23 languages of the European Union. It is intended to be used as...
  • EUR-Lex

    EUR-Lex gives access to EU Law, the jurisprudence of the EU Court of Justice, other EU public documents and the electronic edition of the Official Journal of the EU, in 24...
  • Labour Law Lynx Glossary

    Monolingual glossary containing terms in Spanish from the labour law domain. Terms have been automatically extracted from legal corpora and manually reviewed by language and law...
  • Data Protection Lynx Glossary

    Monolingual termlist from the Data Protection domain in RDF linked with BabelNet, DBpedia and EuroVoc.
  • UNESCO Thesaurus

    The UNESCO Thesaurus is a controlled and structured list of terms used in subject analysis and retrieval of documents and publications in several fields. The thesaurus is...
  • Industrial Standards Lynx Glossary

    Monolingual termlist from the Industrial Standards domain in RDF linked with BabelNet and DBpedia.
  • TERMCAT Collective Negotiation Glossary EN

    Monolingual termlist from the Collective Negotiation (Labour Law) domain in RDF linked with DBpedia and EuroVoc. (English)
  • Copyright Termbank

    A multilingual termbank that contains copyright-related terms from WIPO definitions, IATE and Creative Commons licenses. This termbank is also connected to external resources...
  • InforMEA Glossary (UNESCO)

    The glossary contains terms, definitions and related information on Multilateral Environmental Agreements. Such terms are classified in 6 different domains: Water, Chemicals...
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