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  • Central State Portal Croatia

    Laws and regulations from the Ministry of Croatia.
  • DILA France

    Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information
  • Legifrance

    Public service for the dissemination of law over the internet, is under the editorial responsibility of the General Secretariat of the Government (SGG)

    Data base of resolutions from the Spanish state. Particular use only, no bulk download.
  • Greek Rulings

    Web portal that publishes Civil and Criminal Court rulings of Greece.
  • Greece Government Decisions

    Web portal to inform about the decisions of the Greek Government.
  • Irish Courts Service

    Web portal to search documentation related to the Court of Ireland: judgments, hearings, decisions, procedures, etc.
  • Irish Government Announcements

    Iris Oifigiúil is the official means used by the Government for announcing appointments to public offices and publishing proclamations, statutory instruments, appointment of...
  • German Legal Portal

    Web portal to search for decisions, standards, comments and journals in Germany.
  • Denmark Legal Information Portal

    Legal information.dk is now expanded with the European Legislative Identifier (ELI) with the aim of providing a uniform and stable identification of legislation and exhibiting a...
  • Czech Ministry of Interior Documents

    Different documents published by the Czech Ministry of Interior.
  • Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court

    PDF documents about Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court
  • Bulgarian Supreme Court of Cassation

    PDF documents about the Bulgarian Supreme Court of .
  • Bulgarian Law

    Set of documents from the Bulgarian Parliament.
  • Belgium Legislation

    A portal site citizens can use to gain access to Belgian legislation and case-law. Three types of documents: preparatory parliamentary proceedings, legislation and case-law.
  • EIGE Glossary

    Glossary of gender-related terms in English published by the European Institute of Gender Equality. It contains over 400 terms in English that have been extracted from 92...
  • Temcoord Glossaries

    Repository that contains around 300 hundred glossaries developed by European institutions and bodies in the 23 languages of the European Union. Most of them are available as PDF...
  • International Monetary Fund Terminology

    This terminology list contains over 150,000 terms useful to translators working with IMF material. It provides English terms with their equivalents in a number of languages....
  • Conneticut Legal Glossary

    Bilingual glossary from English into Spanish organised in alphabetical order that can be downloaded in PDF. It is published by the Conneticut Judicial Branch. Terms contained in...
  • Labour Law Corpus

    Corpus of legal documents from different countries: Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and UK. And also from the European Union.
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