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    Greek legislation modelled as per Metalex OWL ontology. It can be accessed through a SPARQL endpoint or downloaded as RDF file. The content of this resource can also be...
  • Conneticut Legal Glossary

    Bilingual glossary from English into Spanish organised in alphabetical order that can be downloaded in PDF. It is published by the Conneticut Judicial Branch. Terms contained in...
  • CDISC Glossary

    CDISC develops data standards to streamline clinical research and enable connections to healthcare. This glossary contains definitions of terms and abbreviations. It is...
  • INSPIRE Glossary (EU)

    Glossary developed by the INSPIRE Knowledge Base of the European Union. The INSPIRE Glossary contains 195 general terms and definitions that specify the common terminology used...
  • SAIJ Legal Thesaurus (Argentine Juridical Information System)

    SAIJ Thesaurus organises legal knowledge through a list, modelled with SKOS, of controlled terms which represent concepts. It is used to ease users’ access information related...
  • EUGDPR Glossary

    A Glossary of Terms and Definitions as used in relation to the GDPR in the EU.
  • Labour Law Corpus

    Corpus of legal documents from different countries: Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and UK. And also from the European Union.
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