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  • German Legal Portal

    Web portal to search for decisions, standards, comments and journals in Germany.
  • Denmark Legal Information Portal

    Legal information.dk is now expanded with the European Legislative Identifier (ELI) with the aim of providing a uniform and stable identification of legislation and exhibiting a...
  • Czech Ministry of Interior Documents

    Different documents published by the Czech Ministry of Interior.
  • Czech Court Decisions

    Court decisions from the Czech government.
  • Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court

    PDF documents about Bulgarian Supreme Administrative Court
  • Bulgarian Supreme Court of Cassation

    PDF documents about the Bulgarian Supreme Court of .
  • Bulgarian Law

    Set of documents from the Bulgarian Parliament.
  • Belgium Legislation

    A portal site citizens can use to gain access to Belgian legislation and case-law. Three types of documents: preparatory parliamentary proceedings, legislation and case-law.
  • EU case-law

    This resource contains documents from EU case law: judgements and orders.
  • Official Journals of the European Union

    This dataset contains the Official Journal (OJ) L and C series in XML Formex format. Grouped by year (since 2004) the resources are available for bulk download.
  • Lynx Multilingual Terminology v2

    Second version of the automatically generated linked terminology.
  • Lynx Multilingual Terminology v1

    This is a first draft of the automatically generated multilingual legal terminology to be used in the Legal Knowledge Graph, represented with the SKOS vocabulary. Source terms...
  • JurGenT

    A bilingual legal terminology base, Dutch-Spanish. It is available as a MultiTerm service. (Proprietary software)
  • Lynx Labour Law Termlist

    100 clean terms extracted with Tilde Terminology Extraction Tool from Lynx Labour Law Corpora. Each term has several usage example showing some contexts.
  • e-Compliance multilingual thesaurus

    Final version of the e-Compliance thesaurus in SKOS format. It contains concepts, preferred and alternative labels in English, French and Spanish as well as some definitions....
  • DGT Aqcuis

    Multilingual parallel corpus from the official journal of the European Union
  • Spanish Labour Law Corpus

    Labour law corpus composed by 20 agreements in Spanish provided by Cuatrecasas Lynx partners.
  • Court Thesaurus

    A monolingual thesaurus in German containing names of German and international courts.
  • BabelNet

    BabelNet is regarded as a multilingual encyclopaedic dictionary but also as a semantic network and a knowledge base that combines general data with lexical information that...
  • JRC-Acquis

    JRC-Acquis is a collection of legislative texts from the European Union generated between the years 1958 and 2006. They are available in xml format and in 22 languages of the EU.
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